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For construction projects that require heavy lifting and loading, CraneMax offers premium crane rental services that guarantee efficient and safe operations. Our state-of-the-art crane fleet includes a diverse range of boom trucks and mobile cranes, making us a reliable partner for small and large-scale projects alike.

At CraneMax, we prioritize quality and safety above all else, which is why we only employ highly-trained professionals who are experts at handling cranes. Our team of skilled operators and engineers work closely with clients to ensure that all operational and safety requirements are met, allowing for the successful completion of any project. We also provide on-site maintenance and support, ensuring that our cranes remain in optimal condition for maximum performance.

When it comes to crane rentals, CraneMax provides flexible and cost-effective solutions that cater to the unique needs of every client. Whether it’s a one-time or ongoing project, our crane rental services are designed to help businesses improve their productivity and profitability. With CraneMax, you can be assured of top-quality crane rental services that will exceed your expectations.

Types of Cranes 

Cranes are essential equipment used in various industries to lift and place heavy objects. Different crane types are available to suit specific applications, such as construction, manufacturing, and mining. The crane’s type selected has a significant impact on the efficiency and safety of the lifting operation.

Hiab 1188 HiPro (40 Ton Folding Boom Truck)

The Hiab 1188 HiPro is a powerful folding boom truck used for heavy lifting and transportation tasks. This truck has a lifting capacity of up to 40 tons, making it a versatile vehicle for a variety of industries. It is equipped with a hydraulic crane system that offers precise control and smooth operation, allowing for safe and efficient movements of heavy loads. 

The folding boom gives the truck the flexibility to reach into tight spaces and to lift and transport items with ease. With its advanced safety features and user-friendly controls, the Hiab 1188 HiPro is a reliable and cost-effective option for any business looking to streamline their heavy lifting operations.

Manitex 50128SHL (50 ton boom truck)

The Manitex 50128SHL is a powerful boom truck designed for heavy-duty lifting tasks. With a lifting capacity of 50 tons, this machine is ideal for construction, mining, and industrial applications. The boom length extends to 128 feet, providing ample reach and flexibility for various jobs. The truck also features a comfortable cab with ergonomic controls for ease of operation and maximum operator efficiency. 

In addition, the Manitex 50128SHL is equipped with a state-of-the-art Load Moment Indicator system, which provides real-time monitoring of the crane’s load capacity and stability during lifting operations. This ensures maximum safety for the crane operator and surrounding crew. Overall, the Manitex 50128SHL is a reliable and powerful piece of machinery that offers excellent performance and versatility for any heavy lifting task.

Load King Stinger 80-126 (80 ton boom truck)

The Load King Stinger 80-126 is an 80 ton boom truck designed for heavy-duty lifting operations on construction sites. It features a 126-foot boom reach with a lift capacity of up to 80 tons, making it ideal for lifting materials and equipment at great heights and long distances. 

The truck’s state-of-the-art hydraulic system enables smooth and precise movements, while its spacious and ergonomic cab provides excellent visibility and operator comfort. 

The Load King Stinger 80-126 also comes with a range of safety features, including overload protection, anti-two block systems, and LMI (load moment indicator) technology. Its reliable and durable construction ensures it can withstand harsh weather conditions and extended usage without breaking down. 

Overall, the Load King Stinger 80-126 is a powerful and versatile boom truck designed to handle high-end lifting operations.

Terex RT130 (130 Ton Rough Terrain Mobile Crane)

The Terex RT130 is a 130 ton capacity rough terrain mobile crane that is designed to operate in a wide range of settings, from construction sites to industrial plants and more. 

It features a range of advanced features and technologies that allow it to operate with speed and efficiency, while also providing safety and reliability for operators and workers. A powerful engine provides plenty of horsepower while the crane’s sophisticated hydraulics system allows it to handle heavy loads with ease. 

The crane also features advanced safety features, including advanced sensors and warning systems that help to prevent accidents and ensure that each lift is completed safely and securely. 

When combined with experienced and skilful operators, the Terex RT130 is a powerful and reliable tool for tackling even the most demanding lifting tasks.

Liebherr LTM 1230-5.1 (275 Ton All Terrain Mobile Crane)

The Liebherr LTM1230-5.1 is an all-terrain mobile crane perfect for industrial projects, construction sites, and heavy-duty lifting operations. With a maximum lifting capacity of 275 tons, it is equipped with a 75 meter telescoping boom, which can be extended further with luffing jibs to offer a maximum lift height of 111 meters. 

The crane is highly maneuverable on any terrain, thanks to its advanced driving technology, independent suspension, and all-wheel steering capabilities. It operates with precision and efficiency, owing to its state-of-the-art electronic control system, which enables easy and safe lifting operations. The spacious and comfortable operator cab provides a panoramic view of the jobsite, and its advanced ergonomic features enhance the operator’s efficiency and performance. 

The Liebherr LTM1230-5.1 is a reliable, safe, and versatile heavy-duty mobile crane, designed to deliver top-notch performance in any lifting project.